Skill Development

The following is a list of the basic training that will be provided to all youths between the ages of 15 and 35. All workshops are made up of a combination of theory and activities that allow participants to practice the skills and techniques presented.

Although each workshop is designed as a self-contained module that can be taken in any order or independently of another, it is recommended, that if presented as a package they should be provided in the following order;

  • Goal Setting: This 1 day workshop allows youth who may not have considered what they would like to do or achieve to plan and set realistic and practical career/life goals. Content: Identifying, mapping and implementing goals
  • Job Hunting: This 1 day workshop prepares youth for navigating the job market, making informed decisions in their career selection and professionally presenting themselves to prospective employers. Content: Job posting review, CV design, Cover letter writing, Interview strategies
  • Communication: Communication is the key for success in any relationship whether professional or personal. This 2 day workshop focuses on the important skill sets required in delivering ones thoughts/ideas to others in a clear, constructive and concise manner.

Content: Day 1: Barriers of communication, Non-verbal indicators, the art of active

                                     Listening, Constructive feedback 

    Day 2: Communication in conflict, Motivation in action, Public  

                 Speaking/Presenting with confidence

  • Leadership: This 1 day workshop is an introduction to the historical and philosophical perspectives behind the idea of leadership as well as the practical reality involved in managing and inspiring others through the examination of leadership styles, personality types and learning styles. Content: Leadership theory, Self-Analysis, Personality/character, Leadership styles, Learning Styles