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National Youth Federation Nepal (NYFN) is an umbrella organization of youth groups, youth led/run organizations and the youth wins of the other non political federations. It is a non-political, not-for-profit social organization, formed in 2009 and registered at Nepal Government under the guidelines of National Youth Policy where as Ministry of Youth and Sports has recommended NYFN as an umbrella organization in 2012. NYFN aims of amalgamate Nepali youth and the youth organizations in a single forum to strengthen voice of Nepalese youth from local to national level. NYFN acts as a platform where youth have opportunities to advocate youth rights, exchange of knowledge and experiences to take collective action for carrying out youth led initiatives in Nepal.
NYFN since its inception is very much engaged in policy advocacy to create moral pressure to the government for designing youth friendly policies and programmes in Nepal. NYFN has also been collaborating with National Planning Commission of Nepal to endorsed "National Plan of Action for Youth Employment" and in developing national Youth Employment Action Plan of Nepal.

Vision and Mission
NYFN recognizes the need to support and encourage the sustainable development simultaneously of, Capacity Building, education, entrepreneurship and sustain economic development via Networking and Intimacy with all kinds of youths and youth led organization so that economically and socially distressed communities might become self-sustaining entities while preserving the traditional customs that hold them together.

NYFN figures self-sufficient and sustainable communities in Nepal. We believe poverty alleviation will come at true only after the self-dependent economy. For this, socially-relevant entrepreneurship should be developed that ignites and sustains local economies.

NYFN is organized to provide tools for self-sufficiency and sustainability to all youth over the country. NYFN seeks to motivate, train, and assist youth to improve the quality of life through entrepreneurship, sustainability and raising public awareness.. NYFN will accomplish its objective by focusing on youth over tne country. For some years, NYFN will primarily work in Nepal developing its youth empowerment, awarness and policy advocacy programs.
NYFN strives to capacitate youths on their identity, participation and access, without discrimination, as they remain responsible to nation while utilizing and exploring the resources.

Working Approaches
 Participatory rural Approach
 Collaboration Approach
 Rights Based Approach (RBA)
 Volunteerism
 Adult-youth Partnership
 Bottom to Top (need based) Approach

Core Thematic Areas

• Youth engagement and services
• Human Rights
• Governance
• Democracy
• Sustainable Development
• Culture and Civilizations

Types of activities
• Awareness
• Capacity Building
• Lobby and Advocacy
• Entrepreneurship development
• Research and study
• Youth Exchange, Partnership and Networking

• Local Development, Governance and social transformation
• Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
• Voters Education/observation, Lowering the voting age
• Livelyhood, Employment, Self-employment, Respect to work
• Migration and Population
• Accountabily and transparency
• Peace, Culture and Education
• Local Economy Development
• Hunger and Poverty
• Youth Human rights workers

Where NYFN is:
• District Committees : 46 district
• Municipalities : 44
• Rural Municipality: 66 (V.D.C. : 300 plus)
• Individual Members: 7200 plus

Our Work

1. College College ma (on college and college)

'College College Ma' is the major program of NYFN where the college youth will be oriented. College student in their own college will be invited in a session less then 100 in number in per session and will be oriented on the 'NYFN vision/mission', 'Democracy, Governance & Human Rights and the Role and Duty of Youth', 'Why youth is important and how youth can play role on Social Transformation'. Till December 2013, NYFN has organized 68 College College Ma sessions in 45 colleges and Universities where 3278 college student has took part.

2. Advocacy to lower the voting age to 16

This campaign is about lowering the legal voting age to 16 and providing voting opportunities to 16 and 17 years youth age group as well. The campaign is conducted to give pressure to the concerned stake holders for guarantying the Right to Vote since the age of 16 to every Nepalese Citizen. The pros of this campaign is that it would make all 16 and 17 years aged as well as other youth group responsible and more involved in voting practices of Nepal.

3. Voters’ education campaign

NYFN has been involved in creating awareness about voting right and voter’s knowledge development prior to the CA election in 2013 and till now.

4. Youth Entrepreneurship and sustainability

In order to promote entrepreneurial skills in young people, NYFN has organizeed youth entrepreneurship and sustainability training program to the young people in Kathmandu in last year and has planed to organize continuously in 2014 as well.

5. Advocacy for youth responsive budget

Ministry of Youth and Sports is planning to introduce Youth Responsive and it was supposed to introduced it in 2011. NYFN is doing series of advocacy campaign for the proper youth responsive budget on proper time. And NYFN is building awareness to young people as well.

6. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights campaign

NYFN is one of the active members of SRHR Coaliation and doing several activities like awareness, workshop, consultation and celebration of international days from the colliation. NYFN has impowered its district coordinators and leaders through this coaliation.









What We Believe

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