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Upcoming Programs

23. Cultural exchange program

NYFN has been working on supporting cultural exchange program in Nepal. The program is intended to generate inter-cultural peace and understanding between youths from different culture and to diminish the cultural conflict in the society. In accordance with this program, a youth from one community will be exchanged with a youth from another community such that they are able to learn and respect each other’s culture and accept the differences. Nepal Tourism Board will be the promoter of the program.

24. Civic education

NYFN has been working on educating youths about their duties and responsibilities as a member of society and nation. The ongoing program called College College ma is all about edification of youths. This program is being organized at different +2 level colleges with a motive to educate youth about their responsibilities and encourage their participation at various events of the society.
Voter’s education: NYFN has been working on enhancing knowledge of voters, specially focusing on the youth group and the first time voters. It aims to educate this group about the importance of democracy, voting rights and importance of elections.

25. Youth participation and leadership development

NYFN has been working on encouraging youth participation from ward level to national level based on their knowledge, skills, talent and educational field. This program is intended to motivate youth to be an active member of society and get involve in social, educational and other ventures. Likewise, NYFN has also been making an appeal to create youth responsible budget and include it in the annual budget. Next, it has been investing on youth leadership. In order to conduct campaigning, develop youth advocacy and for other activities, youths need to be a team player and a leader; hence, NYFN has been providing trainings on leadership and promoting campaigning among youths to make them better leaders.

26. Youth information center and Safe foreign employment information center

NYFN has been working on creating youth information center and safe foreign employment information center. It has been working along with youth and sports ministries to build youth information center which will provide Information on youth employment, leadership, voting and other youth related issues.
NYFN has also cooperated with ministries to create safe foreign employment information center by sharing all the information that it has on foreign and migrant employment. It is providing information related to visa and passport requirements, language barriers, cultural diversities and others.

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